Five Gifts from My Father

Father’s Day was this past weekend. For the fatherless, there were difficult moments of wishing, sadness, and loss. The anniversary of my father’s death falls very close to Father’s day so there is compounded grief. I usually avoid Facebook for the week, waiting for all the pictures of fathers to get buried in the feed. Father’s Day is bittersweet.

This year marks ten years since my father passed away. While the waves of grief that used to consume me unexpectedly are no longer a regular occurrence, the gifts that my dad passed down to me endure. I don’t have recent photos of my dad and I to share, but I do have these memories.

5 gifts from my father

5 Gifts from my Father

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How to Move from To Do Lists to Priority Based Goals

Do you have a mission statement written? Have you actually thought about and written down what your most important roles and priorities are? Until recently, I hadn’t. Here is how I am moving from to do list goals to priority based goals.

goals with grace priority based goals

I started writing goals on my blog in October 2015. There were daily and weekly habits I was trying to establish, and projects I was trying to complete – and writing them down and publishing them has been helpful for clarity and accountability. There is power and motivation in the simple act of writing down your intention.

Finding and Writing down Your “Why”

Recently, I was able to start a course called Goals with Grace: Goal Planning with Intention & Purpose. It has given me the tools and motivation to go back to thinking about and writing down my “why.” If you’re like me, you have a vague idea of your overarching reasons for the goals that you set, but you’ve never taken the time to sit down and write them down.

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5 Steps to Daily Self-Care this Summer

Have you thought about how you’re going to take care of yourself this summer? I know, I know, summer is a relaxed time – there’s no reason to plan and be intentional about self-care this summer, right? Wrong!

Summer’s pace is indeed slower, but it can also be more hectic. As a mom whose kids go to public school, summer can feel overwhelming at times.

All of a sudden it feels like the weekend seven days a week: preparing three meals a day every day, refereeing spats, engaging their young minds, and their needs almost always coming before my own. (Homeschooling mamas, I know this is your life every day – hats off to you!) Any sense of rhythm I had for my personal needs goes straight out the window if I don’t have a plan.

I’m excited to be guest posting at writing about how to make a plan for daily self-care this summer.

Daily Self Care in the summer

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Here’s a little snippet:

You might be a mom who is already convinced of the benefits of regular and daily self-care. It may not happen every day and it may never happen perfectly, but you know the importance of taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. This post will encourage you to keep up the great work!

You may, however, be a mom who is just barely getting through the day and have never thought about what your needs are on a daily or a weekly basis. This post is for you.


Here is a free printable to help you brainstorm how to add intentional joy and pleasure to your day:

50 Ideas for Daily Pleasure in Your Self -Care Routine

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What are ways that you take care of your self-care needs on a daily basis?

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Budgeting: a Mid-Year Check-in

In 2016, our family’s one and only new years resolution was to begin and maintain a budgeting system. Armed with a lot of head knowledge and different tools, we decided on a zero based budget and wanted to use the free EveryDollar App. So it’s June now – how have we been doing?

new years resolution check in on budgeting

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The two Hiccups to Budgeting so far

January and February were great. March came along and I was paid 3 times versus 2 times that month. I’m not usually one to complain about more money (who is!?!), but the fact that it was out of the ordinary for our monthly budget means that it completely threw me off.

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Our Simple and Affordable Summer Bucket List

I love reading any summer bucket list. It’s fun to read how people are going to intentionally set aside time to have fun with their families. I’ve never actually written one down for our family until today. I’m learning the power of writing intentions down – things that get written down usually get done. If it stays in my head, it usually doesn’t.

our simple summer bucket list

These are things I’d like to do with the family outside of our daily and weekly summer rhythm.

Our Summer Bucket List:

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