Are you a Free Spirit or a Nerd?

Have you heard Dave Ramsey’s theory that there is usually a “nerd” and a “free spirit” in a couple when it comes to finances? I usually cringe with those kind of labels, because very rarely do I think we as people are so clear cut…is that a “free spirit” kind of statement? When it comes to budgeting, are you a Free Spirit or a Nerd?

free spirit or nerd

Free Spirit + Free Spirit = No Budget

My husband and I both lean towards the “free spirit” side of things, which is probably why it’s taken us 17 years to finally set up a budget. I mentioned why we’re even more determined than ever to actually stick to our budget here. Because of this additional challenge, I’ve put on my “nerd” cap and am determined to stick to this zero based budgeting idea.

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Budget Meetings

The interesting thing about budgeting as a couple is trying to keep everyone involved. My kids are feeling the effects of staying within our budget and so learning how to communicate with them as well as my husband is something I’ll be working on. My tendency is to set up the budget, faithfully enter the expenses, but not communicate about why we’re budgeting or  the categories and how much we have left in each category. 

My husband’s tendency would be to let me handle it and stay uninvolved. We still have not had our first budget meeting, but that’s in the works for this weekend (did you hear that, honey?).

Dave Ramsey suggests these 3 rules for a budget meeting:

Rules for the nerd:

  • Listen
  • Take input
  • Keep it brief

Rules for the free spirit:

  • Show up
  • Give input
  • Be realistic

Staying Within Budget

In order to stay on budget for groceries in this first month, I’ve been meal planning from our pantry this last week. It’s surprising how creative and resourceful one can be when put to the test. We did end up going to the store and getting a few basics that we needed, so we went over our grocery budget but still within the overall monthly budget.

I’m loving the free EveryDollar App that makes it so easy to take a little money from one category and add it to another. For example, one of our utility bills was above what I allocated, but another was under the amount I allocated. I adjusted the budgeted amounts and was still within budget for the monthly income coming in for January. 

I’m finding that with this way of budgeting, there is still freedom, but within boundaries. My inner nerd is actually enjoying this challenge!

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Are you a “nerd”, “free spirit” or somewhere in between?

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26 thoughts on “Are you a Free Spirit or a Nerd?

  1. Liz Laramee says:

    I definitely lean towards nerd but have enough free spirit in me to eat out, buy myself and friends presents, etc. I have to say that it’s very, very hard on my free spirit side when things are tighter financially and I have to force the nerd side to take over!

    • Angela says:

      My husband really loves math too, but I think it’s more on a philosophical level versus practical level. We just sat down with the monthly budget for February and made some changes. It helped him to see the numbers because he doesn’t think about monthly expenses.

  2. savvy says:

    We are both total nerds when it comes to budgeting and our finances. After seeing my parents struggle in old age and the huge mistakes my SIL made retiring early we will never change.

  3. Charissa says:

    I am probably a nerd now, but back when I started budgeting, I hated every bit of it. It wasn’t until I found my Why, my reason for sticking to a budget that I started appreciate how it worked. Communication with your spouse about your money is so important, as is being willing to participate together.

    • Angela says:

      That’s a really good point Charissa. Our “why” right now is very clear – to make it to the end of the month without dipping into our savings! That puts a fire under my budgeting bones for sure!

  4. Rachel G says:

    I’m totally a nerd when it comes to budgeting, which is kinda funny, because I definitely see myself as way more of a ‘free spirit’ when it comes to life in general!

  5. Jennifer @ Path to Simple says:

    What a great way to look at budgeting!! I think my husband and I share the “nerd” hat, and we pass it back and forth. Sometimes I am the nerd; sometimes he is. And, great suggestions for meal planning! We are trying to do better with this. Since the holidays, we have tried to plan a week’s worth of meals each weekend. It has saved us time and money, and we find that we eat healthier with this approach, too.

  6. Wendy says:

    It sounds like you and your husband are a lot like me and mine. :) We are both pretty free spirited, and I will make a budget down to the penny, but somehow forget to look at it when we start spending money. It’s a new year and a new intention, though, so I’m going to take a look at that app you mention (thanks!).

  7. Melanie Redd says:

    Hey Angela,
    Good morning. I came over on Alder Collective to find your site today.
    And, I love this post! We are debt free after following the Dave Ramsey steps. We paid off a ton of debt!
    During the process, I discovered I am a bit more of a nerd than I thought!
    Glad to connect.
    Hope you have a blessed day~

  8. Dee says:

    Total nerd here when it comes to spending, so I though this was so interesting since I’m more of a free spirit in everything else! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  9. Lisa @ Fun Money Mom says:

    When I was a teacher, I was definitely a free spirit because we had two incomes to live off of. Now that I’m mostly a SAHM, I’ve become much more of a nerd! Since I’m not making as much, I’ve been really trying to limit my spending too.
    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday! xoxo

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