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I had made many attempts to try to get free of the clutter but my motivation would wane and I would get stuck and not move forward. Angela was encouraging and understanding. I never felt overwhelmed with the task at hand. She is  knowledgeable about the process and broke it down in manageable bites for me. Working with her made me feel that I can live in a clutter free home where everything has a place. I felt motivated while  working with her. She helped me develop short term goals I could accomplish in a short amount of time. She helped “unstuck” me.

Sue| Mom to 9 children

You see the piles.

Are they multiplying?

The clutter fills you with dread. You feel overwhelmed.

So you sigh and shut the door or turn your eyes away.

Someday you’ll get to it.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You want to love your home.  You want it to be a welcoming space.

You want to feel glad when people drop by, not horrified.

The clutter feels like additional weight that you are tired of carrying around.

You know you should go through all the piles, but you just don’t know where to start.


What if you could...

  • feel confident that you knew exactly what your next steps were to “tame” the clutter?
  • feel focused and at peace while you decluttered?
  • envision your space and know exactly how you want the space to look and feel?
  • invite people into your home with complete peace?
  • use the time you spent decluttering and pursue your passions?

...Well you can!

Angela handled a sensitive topic with dignity. I realized with her assistance that I can get this under control and start to enjoy my house again. She gave me concrete ideas of how to process the stuff and my thoughts of the stuff.

I feel empowered to make it happen. I can quell the voices in my head to stop procrastinating and get something done!  I always hung up feeling I could DO what Angela and I discussed.

Rose | 55 years old, mom of 2, widow

If you need a step by step action plan, I can help.

I’m a coach for women who are frustrated and overwhelmed with their clutter. They want to feel at peace in their homes, but feel stuck and have no idea where to start.

I help them envision their home as they want it to look and feel. Once they work with me, they feel energized and empowered to make the changes.

Their homes go from chaos to calm.

Work with me for 1:1 coaching

The Declutter Jumpstart Includes: 

Your Investment: $97

“Angela was very easy to talk to and really listened to what I had to say about my clutter. She asked great questions to get me thinking about decluttering differently. I’ve accomplished more in a couple of weeks than I have so far this year on my own! 

Using swap pages on Facebook, I have made about $400 selling clutter since our first coaching session! That’s aside from what will go in our upcoming yard sale. After our work together, I am very motivated to declutter!”

Angela| 31 years oldMom to 4 

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Step 3: You’ll work through the pre-call survey, giving me the straight-up, honest story of what is going on for you right now. (Don’t worry. There is NO judgment here. Just lay it out there so I know how to best support you!)

Step 4: Once the pre-call survey is completed, we’ll have our private coaching session on the phone or video (your preference)

Step 5: Within 24 hours after our session, you’ll receive an outline of what we talked about and know exactly how to move forward.

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Hi! I'm Angela

I’m a licensed social worker who has worked with adults, children, and families for over 15 years in a variety of settings. At one point, I developed tools and programs to help adults quit smoking, motivating and encouraging them to make and sustain a healthy change.

I also believe deeply in the power to change your environment, your mind, and your life.  The focus of my career has been  to help others see the power they have to make the changes they need in their specific life circumstances.

Most importantly, I understand the hard work of decluttering. I started my blog Setting My Intention as part of my own personal decluttering process in 2015. Since then I’ve learned many tips, tools, and strategies to clear the clutter and live life with joy and intention.

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“In one week I donated 6 bags of clothes, and took a trunk load of trash in our minivan to the dump. Working with Angela has motivated me to start tackling the clutter – and once I started, I didn’t want to stop! Now I’m a decluttering machine and we are well on our way to making our house our dream home, one of my biggest goals of 2017.”

Tanya | | 42 years old, mom of 3

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